i’m not there. (on pinterest)

Since I am in advertising and media and such, I recognize it is not good to say I am not a fan of some social media trend that has become all the rage. I should be up to date and current and (for lack of a better term) balls-deep in all social media both present and future. BUT I HATE PINTEREST.

The Most Un-Pinteresting Pinterest to ever Pin the Internet

Hate is perhaps a strong word. I don’t mind Pinterest in a lot of respects, it is really nice to look at and it does seem to be making people in general more creative.  But I certainly have deemed it a waste of my time.

I think this is because from my beginnings as a magazine hoarding youth, I have always done what Pinterest seeks to do, which is collect things I find as memorable or inspirational. I have tomes of magazines, shoe boxes of cut outs, albums of photos and advertisements, and walls full of fashions and arts and ideas that make me feel individual and inspired every day. I never needed the computer for that, and I still don’t. There may be a huge push to put our lives online and share ourselves with each other, but I never needed to share these things with anyone other than perhaps a friend or two who came over and checked out which awkward looking tattooed boy or weird bird drawing was on my wall at the time. (My room is in a constant state of redecoration, thanks to my unceasing adult angst). In fact, these collections or “boards” are the one thing I do that I do for myself and I don’t want to share with anybody. So there. I said it. I hate Pinterest.

Perhaps I will be a pack-rat until I die, but when you see my on Hoarders, just notice how terribly adorable, artsy, unique, or delicious everything they have to carry out of my house looks.


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